I am a psychologist and psychodynamic psychotherapist who works with individuals and relationships. I also offer supervision and consultations. I specialise in GSRD (Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversities: LGBTQ+, non-monogamies, kink, sex work) and race, culture, neurodivergence and disability. I have specialist training in trauma, PTSD and CPTSD (complex PTSD), and dissociation. I have extensive … Read More


Avoidant Attachment: The Defence Against Intimacy Linda Cundy 14 January 2022 Toxic shame – recovering from shame in family systems Dr Aileen Alleyne, Dr Chip Chimera and Professor Arlene Vetera 12 December 2020 Disordered Eating: Working With and Through the Body/Mind of Patient and Therapist Yeva Feldman, Morit Heitzler and Susie Orbach 30 November 2019 Transforming attachments … Read More