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Covid is in our schools. The only real mitigation we have is washing our hands and opening windows. Our CO2 monitors have not arrived. Even if they did they would just tell us what we already know. Siblings of positive children are coming into school and spreading across school

The strong correlation between the embrace of ‘wellness woo’ and being susceptible to misinformation make it easier to sell the cluster of false beliefs that Big Science is evil, supplements help, you can boost your immune system, vaccines don’t work.

People think the pandemic is over.

It’s not. We’re only in October & are looking at a rocky few months ahead.

Please wear a mask, get vaccinated, distance, & ventilate rooms.

This isn’t political, it’s about people’s health & survival.

"Last week I had an email from an adoptive parent saying it was difficult to understand why I am angry. I've been working on this blog all week to explain why, and I've also listed action points to encourage positive change." Blog by @howtobeadopted

We are still 3 full months away from the typical peak NHS winter crisis.

3 months.

Yet already hospitals are full, every ambulance trust in England is on black alert, patients are trapped at home or in corridors, & people wait on chairs *outside* EDs.

Shame on this government.

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