Avoidant Attachment: The Defence Against Intimacy

Linda Cundy

14 January 2022

Toxic shame – recovering from shame in family systems

Dr Aileen Alleyne, Dr Chip Chimera and Professor Arlene Vetera

12 December 2020

Disordered Eating: Working With and Through the Body/Mind of Patient and Therapist

Yeva Feldman, Morit Heitzler and Susie Orbach

30 November 2019

Transforming attachments – can psychotherapy make you secure?

Linda Cundy, Siobhán McGee and Dr Kathrin Stauffer

6 November 2020

A dialogue with Bessel van der Kolk – 4 week online course

20 & 27 October, 3 & 10 November

The Truth about Trauma and Dissociation; Part II - Dissociation

Dr Valerie Sinason and discussants Zoe Hawton and Mark Linington

10 July 2021

The Relational Montage of Eating Disorders

Professor Jean Petrucelli

26 June 2021

The Truth about Trauma and Dissociation; Part I - The adult child in therapy

Dr Valerie Sinason

27 March 2021

Disconnected and Unreachable: How to Work with Shut-Down States of Mind

Dr Anne Alvarez and Dr Graham Music

5 February 2021

The Use of Psychedelics in Psychotherapy

Dr David Erritzoe, Dr Jo O'Reilly, Maria Papaspyrou and Dr Rosalind Watts

2 March 2019

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