BOOKS I have written a chapter for a book on psychotherapy, to illustrate how EDT can be adapted for use with adolescents in general, and, specifically, underachieving gifted adolescents: ‘Using Intensive Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapy to Treat an Underachieving Gifted Adolescent’, in ‘The Theory and Practice of Experiential Dynamic Therapy’, edited by Ferruccio Osimo and Mark Stein. … Read More


Psychology Today, Sex Work and Therapy I am quoted in David J. Ley’s blog in Psychology Today, Sex Work and Therapy: “Sexworkers don’t need their therapist to ‘rescue’ them.’ Ronete Cohen is a London-based psychotherapist who has worked extensively with sexworkers. She tells me that she sees many patients who have been shamed, stigmatized and … Read More


In March 2021 I gave a talk, Queer Disorientation: The Loss of the East, as part of the Pink Therapy Enhancing Mental Health series of presentations. My presentation and another by Piotr Mierkowski discussed ‘Freedom to be Queer in the UK – At What Cost?’ On 12 March 2016 I gave a talk, The Intersection … Read More