Therapy can help you improve your relationship with yourself and others. It can help you understand and accept yourself. It can help you be kinder and more compassionate towards yourself. It can help free you from a past you find hard to let go of. It can help you stop feeling stuck and start moving … Read More


As a supervisor, I support, advise, listen and share my expertise. I strive to make supervision a safe and non-judgemental space where you can exchange ideas and feel supported. I try to hear you with warmth and compassion, and together we listen to what is and isn’t being said in the sessions you bring to … Read More


I offer consultations to practitioners. I provide support and advice to those starting out in private practice or thinking of a change of direction. I help you explore your strengths and focus on the kind of practice you want to have. You can consult me on how to integrate psychotherapy and trauma work with my … Read More